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#ManiMoments 5: Festive Nails! Babe & After Hours by Urban Outfitters

Hey loves and Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Eve so far! This morning I got up and got my nails done, hence the #ManiMoments post, went to breakfast with my parents, and now I’m blogging while listening to Chance the Rapper’s Christmas mixtape before my Christmas Eve date night &…… Continue reading #ManiMoments 5: Festive Nails! Babe & After Hours by Urban Outfitters

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Fall & Winter Nail Favorites!

Hey loves! I’m back with a promised fall & winter nail faves post! Although fall is over technically on Wednesday, these are still colors I rocked this fall and will continue to rock this winter. I’m all about the darks and neutrals during this time of year. Neutrals are trendy yet classy and timeless and…… Continue reading Fall & Winter Nail Favorites!

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New Lipstick! In the Spirit by MAC

Hey loves & welcome back! For those who don’t know, I love love love makeup. More specifically, I love love love lipstick. I have tons of lipstick, all different types of colors and shades. Today, I want to share about one of my newer colors, In the Spirit by MAC. Technically, it’s not new, my…… Continue reading New Lipstick! In the Spirit by MAC

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#ManiMoments 4 Black to Black by Sally Hansen

Hey loves & welcome back! I’m back with another #ManiMoment rather soon, and it’s because I broke a nail! 😦 Once the nail broke, I decided that I was going to get a polish change to, in hopes that my nails will last me until a little before Christmas, so that I could get them…… Continue reading #ManiMoments 4 Black to Black by Sally Hansen

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#ManiMoments 3: Chinchilly by Essie

Hey loves! I’m back for another #ManiMoment! It’s been so crazy that I actually haven’t gotten my nails done since the last #ManiMoment. My nails were disastrous, but I finally got them done this week. I decided to shy away from my usual square shape and go with a round for the first time ever.…… Continue reading #ManiMoments 3: Chinchilly by Essie

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#ManiMoments 2 – Incognito in Sausalito by OPI

Hey loves! Welcome back! I have a secret. I have been slacking on #ManiMoments 😦 BUT, like I said in my last post, I’m back! I wanted to share my most recent nail color. I got these done last week but they still look great. My nail tech is a beast at shaping, and although…… Continue reading #ManiMoments 2 – Incognito in Sausalito by OPI

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#ManiMoments 1 – Sand Tropez by Essie

Hey loves! Welcome back to my blog! I’m introducing #ManiMoments, which will be my way to sharing my nail colors that I’m rocking, or nails that I want to try. I’ve always been a nail polish junkie. Although I don’t my nails myself much anymore, I do buy polish and take my own colors to…… Continue reading #ManiMoments 1 – Sand Tropez by Essie