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#ManiMoments 5: Festive Nails! Babe & After Hours by Urban Outfitters

Hey loves and Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Eve so far! This morning I got up and got my nails done, hence the #ManiMoments post, went to breakfast with my parents, and now I’m blogging while listening to Chance the Rapper’s Christmas mixtape before my Christmas Eve date night & gift exchange with my boyfriend later this evening. I can’t wait to see what he got me and to give him his gifts because he has no clue and I’m super excited to see his reaction.

Anyway, back to the real reason for the post, which is my nails! I got some festive nails and  I am wearing two of the colors I showed in my Fall & Winter Nail Favorites post. Both of these colors are from Urban Outfitters, the one I put on first is called Babe and the glitter is called After Hours. I also got the shape of my nails changed from almond to coffin. I have always wanted to try coffin but I was going to wait until my next full set to get it, but I asked him to cut them down and he shaved off the pointy top, and it resembled coffin so I asked him to keep it coffin and I LOVE. I don’t see myself switching any time soon. I’ve always gotten square, and then I recently tried almond which I also loved, but I’m super in love with the coffin.



I love sparkle and what better time to get it than the holiday season! I’m happy because my nails will be like this for Christmas and New Years! But, I love glitter nails so this won’t be the only time you see them on me 🙂

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas & a happy, safe and prosperous new year!

Until next time,




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